What Makes SP Housing the Best Construction Company in Chennai

The choice is fundamental. Who can you rely on to construct or renovate your home? This person will come and go from your house, making adjustments that ought to match your vision and endure for a very long time. You seek excellence in workmanship, professionalism, and outcomes.

A well-known family-run company, SP Housing, the best construction company in Chennai was founded 41 years ago and serves the residential and commercial construction markets in Chennai and all over Tamilnadu.

One of Chennai’s Best construction companies is SP Housing. It provides perfect living environments that adhere to our philosophy of producing ideal living places and reflect our values. It has established a solid reputation as one of the most innovative and open real estate developers. Integrity and ethical business policies are the company’s basic values that help it stand out from the competitors.

Count on SP Housing for all of these requirements. We have a complete license and insurance. You can interact with our clients and look at our work. We appreciate the close examination! Keep in mind that when it comes to your home, quality should come first. To win the work, some contractors would underbid rivals. Do you, however, receive what you pay for?

Here is what we guarantee:

A Neat Handover

We take pride in having completed projects that shine and sparkle. We understand how vital handover is. After all the dirt, dust, and chaos have gone, all that’s left to do is shift out the furniture and take in your beautiful new living area.

Little to NO Inconvenience

We make an effort to keep inconveniences to a minimum for you, your neighbors, and the community by placing waste responsibly, scheduling building material deliveries sensibly, and reducing noise.

Experience and Expertise

SP Housing has extensive project experience as well as technological know-how. Our track record for competent and dependable project management and execution is strong. Our senior management team is supported by a solid core of seasoned project managers, superintendents, field engineers, and project coordinators, as well as by seasoned technical and administrative support staff who make use of the most recent technologies. Together, they have a wealth of experience in both construction and management. The organization’s project delivery relies heavily on SP Housing’s well-established safety, quality control, and environmental management processes.

Experienced design team

Our design team has a wealth of knowledge and can provide a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, cutting edge to inventive. They are completely knowledgeable about the most recent planning regulations, and their experience and professional guidance enable clients to make well-informed decisions regarding the project’s design. Each customer may feel assured regarding color schemes, textures, material selections, and accessories thanks to their knowledge, which all help to ensure that the finished project is one-of-a-kind, innovative, and polished to the highest standards.

Certified and Skilled

Our entire crew is qualified and certified, and as a business, we are registered with the Federation of Small Businesses. Our plumbers are Gas Safe Registered, and our electricians are NICEIC Registered. We take great pride at SP Housing, the best construction company in Chennai in making sure all certificates are up to date and compliant with governmental regulations.


Knowledgeable and Responsible All projects that SP Housing, the best construction company in Chennai works on are covered by public liability insurance. Additionally, we adhere to strict Health and Safety requirements, which are essential for the security of our employees as well as our clients.


SP Housing is dedicated to its work, and our teamwork skills enable us to engage with clients, provide first-rate customer service, and uphold the highest levels of quality.

Attention to Detail

Every project is handled as if it were our personal home. We take great care to guarantee that every area of the build, including the sections you cannot see, is completed with the same precise attention to detail. We do not cut any corners. Our team is made up of gifted, highly skilled tradespeople who are all holders of degrees from universities that are at the top of their fields. 

We Solve Problems

On-site problems are unavoidable, but we take satisfaction in managing them quickly and effectively to find a solution and lessen any worry they may otherwise bring you. In the event that problems do develop after the project is complete, our aftercare service is unmatched.

Regular Communication

A successful project’s delivery depends on effective communication. We make sure we meet frequently with architects, engineers, building control, and—most importantly—our clients to ensure that all issues are addressed promptly and correctly. As your project continues, you will have a designated Project Manager on site in addition to a site Foreman who will always be accessible to discuss any questions you may have. Initially, you will have a single point of contact to discuss your concept.


One of the major components of our success as we proceed with creating a business that will last the test of time is our reputation. The highest standards of project execution, professionalism, and moral business conduct are important to us. We have a solid reputation in the market for offering high-quality services and long-lasting goods.


Honest and Reliable

When interacting with clients, vendors, or coworkers, SP Housing’s business ethics are built on honesty and fairness. The only policy, not the best, is honesty. The founders and team of SP Housing are passionate about construction. They put their all into each project and take great delight in the outcome.