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SP Homes provides residential houses and flats with all the amenities in some of the fastest-growing residential areas in Chennai.

Contractors & Construction Managers Since 1981

Who are we?

SP Homes is one of the finest construction companies in Chennai. It offers ideal living spaces that reflect our beliefs and abides by our philosophy of creating perfect living spaces. It has become one of the most reputable real estate developers, known for its open business practices and innovation. Their core values of integrity and ethical business practices help differentiate the company from the competition.

Serve the community by offering high-quality houses at reasonable prices.

Provide homes with amenities for people from all socio-economic status.

To provide the best career growth, remuneration received by employees delighted clients at every step.

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Our story

During their 20 years as a construction company in Chennai, they have earned the real estate industry’s respect and the admiration of many delighted customers through rigid compliance with statutory norms. They never take shortcuts when building residential houses and Flats because they believe they only have one chance to impress clients with their construction and interior design techniques. This is what makes them one of the best building contractors in Chennai.

What is the objective of SP Homes?

True to its name, SP Houses continues on its never-ending journey, foraying into residential houses, flats, and diverse operations. So, you might be wondering what goes on behind the construction process. At any construction site, three main parties are involved: the customer, the management team, and the contractor. SP Homes is a construction company that aims and coordinates construction works and is responsible for completing the project within the time and budget constraints. Contractors are in charge of the entire construction process and must figure out the best methods to complete the project on time.

What is the purpose of SP Homes?
  • Serve the community by offering high-quality houses at reasonable prices.
  • Provide homes with amenities for people from all socio-economic status
  • To provide the best career growth, remuneration received by employees delighted clients at every step.
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What does a building contractor do?

As previously noted, a building contractor for a company like SP Homes, a construction company in Chennai, has a wide range of duties that vary depending on the contract. There are numerous roles that a contractor can play at various stages of a project. Initially, it is essential to take care of project management.  Every project has a detailed plan describing all activities, time commitments, and budgets. This schedule includes a project completion that construction companies must meet and punishments for missing the deadline.  SP Home’s responsibility is to develop a project plan and complete it on time.

How does Project Management work at SP Homes?

The contractor must complete the project on time, which necessitates numerous construction management activities:

Make funds that are available to keep the project moving.

Purchasing materials in advance so that they arrive on site when needed

Purchasing or renting the necessary construction equipment for the project

Recruiting and hiring subcontractors to perform specialized work

Developing progress reports to justify interim payments


SP House's Project Monitoring system

Project tracking is essential to execute the task according to the timelines and requirements of the contract. Contractors must not only monitor work but also minimize commotion, and this includes several complementary actions:


Quality assurance

Using low-cost construction techniques

Making sure there is always a supply of resources and planning purchases well in advance

Safety on construction sites

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The building contractor is in charge of overseeing any necessary adjustments while the project is being built. Of course, when making judgments, contractors must constantly keep in mind the project’s scope, timeframe, and budget.

SP Home's Law and Regulation

In terms of legal and regulatory matters, contractors are responsible for a variety of duties. When beginning the project, they must get all required licenses and permissions and pay associated costs. Likewise, you must follow local laws and building regulations during the entire process of construction.

In building projects, knowledge of legal standards is not an acceptable defense; thus, contractors must be up to speed. The project can go without interruption with the appropriate building permits and contractor licenses.

SP Home's Law and Regulation

SP Homes has contractors accountable for ensuring worker health and safety on-site by setting up the necessary processes and boosting employee knowledge. They are also responsible for the equipment’s appropriate use and for avoiding any mishaps resulting from its use.

SP Homes has a contractor who handles any emergencies or unforeseen problems at the project site and informs the client’s supervision team of the situation. Building contractors play a variety of tasks during the various stages of building, and each function has a unique set of duties. Daily, contractors should be able to handle uncertainty and make judgments. The contractor’s past performance is also crucial because those with a wealth of expertise can respond to common project problems more effectively.


To summarize, SP Housing is a construction company that plays a significant role in constructing quality homes with all the amenities that would be of great need and demand. We cater to people from all socio-economic groups, from affordable housing to luxurious homes for high-end customers. As a company, integrity and quality are two roles that play the most crucial role in helping SP Homes achieve the success that it has achieved. We will provide the customer who has put their trust in us with their hard-earned money with the most extraordinary home and lifestyle that no one else has provided, and for which the consumer will bless us.

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