Significant Aspects of a Well-developed Residential Area

Are you planning to buy a house? Besides the beautiful premises, you must check on the surroundings and the amenities they offer. It is essential to imbibe that a lot of things go into shaping an environment and developing a residential community. You can contact the best building contractors in Chennai to get an idea of how to choose the right residential area before investing in a house. Let us see how a well-developed residential area can enhance the quality of life in this blog. 

A Brief on Well-developed Residential Areas

The residing environment significantly impacts a person’s well-being and happiness. Real estate owners and building contractors must ensure that they properly plan and design to offer residents the highest possible quality of life. A few important things that they must look into are accessibility to hospitals, schools, grocery stores, parks, religious places, etc. Without these, people will not feel like they are fully participating in a democratic society. Thus, most builders try developing a community with various social and commercial establishments within walkable distance from the residence. 

Citizens interact with more people when they walk to all the nearby places because of good accessibility, which strengthens their social ties within a community. When there are public transit points like the subway or metros nearby, the traffic reduces in those places, making their living more comfortable. This further accentuates the social ties with the outer world. Big cities will be able to create more and more pleasant neighbourhoods and increase the quality-of-life people when they follow these simple steps while developing residential projects. 

Safety is a crucial issue to consider when evaluating a community’s quality of life. A neighbourhood can become safer and more secure as a result of the development of a stronger feeling of community. Locals often feel safer around people they know and are familiar with. However, numerous neighbourhoods have taken initiatives that have effectively lowered anxiety levels and enhanced the standard of living in communities without endangering the safety of the volunteer civilians. 

Accessibility, ROI, Connectivity & Security- Things to Consider

The four essential things to consider while investing in any well-established residential area are accessibility, ROI, connectivity and security. 


You should have access to all the amenities if you live in a residential neighbourhood that has been built well. Schools and day-care centres must be nearby or only a short drive away. Multispecialty hospitals have to be available to assist you in an emergency, and this is very important when there are young children and elderly persons at home. Nearby entertainment areas like malls, theatres, and restaurants will allow you to spend the weekend well with family and friends. Choose a residence close to your place of employment to make life easier.


Residential neighbourhoods that have been well-developed exhibit a positive rise in property value over time. The pride that comes with residing in such a luxurious area is a good feeling. You will make a substantial profit from it whether you decide to rent or sell it in the future. 


Neighbourhoods must be well connected to the rest of the city as well as to other parts of the country. Roads, the rail network, and the metro network should be connected, with easy reach to the airport. You can easily schedule out-of-town visits and commute to work effortlessly when you have excellent connectivity to public transportation.


Neighbourhoods must be safe for women and children, and your family’s safety must be a top priority. There is no denying that upscale neighbourhoods are safer. Therefore, the best building contractors in Chennai and other big cities give more importance to security measures while taking up projects. To ensure these, you must have police stations nearby with officers in uniform constantly patrolling the streets. Roadside CCTV cameras are compulsory. Any time of day or night, the roads have to be well-lit to ensure complete protection for residents.

Importance of Cleanliness, Greenery & Hygiene in Residential Areas

The corporation and the local government bodies keep well-established residential areas in good condition. Every day, the roadways are washed. Regular gutter cleaning guarantees less water stagnation during the rainy season. Garbage pickup happens on schedule. Additionally, everyday trash is removed, and the roadside bins are sanitized. As a result, the neighbourhood becomes a clean place to live. Additionally, pest management practices are used to reduce rodent and insect populations. These regions have a lower risk of aquatic infectious disease propagation.

Take note of how established residential areas consistently appear to have more vegetation than the others. Even though they are in the middle of the city, the locations have lower temperatures than other places. The local government plants several trees, which keeps the roadways covered and pleasant even during the hottest summers. The presence of vegetation helps to purify the air and controls air pollution.

The Bottomline

Planners and developers must realize that making liveable communities is a challenging task to fulfil while considering the sociological changes occurring. Building contractors must consider issues beyond the scope of one-dimensional urban design and planning while shaping residential properties. To comprehend how to build healthy neighbourhoods, we must investigate the effects of design, architecture, the physical environment, and the social environment on people. Finally, in order to improve the lives of people and, in consequence, the well-being of society as a whole, we must proactively work to change our practices.