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Our Story

From humble beginnings, P. Suresh Babu started his journey into real estate in 2002. His zeal for construction was unknown to him until his friends began asking his suggestions regarding the construction aspects of building their homes and designing the interiors in a trendy manner. His ideas and enthusiasm led him to develop innovative and trendsetting architectural and interior design concepts that his friends valued. That’s when he realized he had to change his career trajectory and entered real estate to become a construction contractor in Chennai.

New Journey

Becoming an entrepreneur was not a comfortable accomplishment. Still, he decided to take the plunge after understanding that he could decipher the needs of what ordinary folks wanted in a house. As a first-generation entrepreneur, the start of his journey was filled with trials, but he learned to persist and not get pulled down by adversity. Each day was a constant learning journey of constructing homes with all amenities. Designing the interiors seemed difficult to many, but P. Suresh Babu found it satisfying and brought tremendous joy. He left no stone unturned throughout his journey and never stopped learning about the current generation’s interior design preferences and the latest architectural updates. His thirst for knowledge and constant need to update and upscale have made him distinguishable in this industry. 


The ability to envision an excellent construction concept and design for each project was a remarkable combination that made SP Homes stand out from the other construction contractors in Chennai. He has a talented team working hard on each of his projects in Chennai. Moreover, SP Homes’ construction is excellent, and it can be seen in each of their projects because they believe that a home is the most prominent place for the family and a place to unwind without any care.

Quality Homes

SP Homes is synonymous with delivering quality homes promptly. Furthermore, we use
only the finest materials to construct houses. Our founder, P. Suresh Babu, always puts himself in the client’s shoes to understand their point of view. He asks himself whether he would live in the residential house built by SP homes. If not, why would that be? His team attends the latest interior design exhibitions and conferences to understand the latest interiors and architectural innovations.

What makes SP Homes unique?

As one of the best construction companies in Chennai, SP homes caters to constructing quality homes with fantastic aesthetics. But, at the same time, we don’t compromise on the residence’s functional aspect. We believe that our clientele must enjoy their houses with all the amenities for an exquisite life in the vibrant city of Chennai. At the same time, our houses start from an affordable range with a focus on luxurious homes. After all, the dream of purchasing a home of their own is a dream for many people. But there is also a section of people who dream of owning a luxurious house with excellent facilities and exceptional interiors. The search for a unique space is far more important to these folks than affordability, so we cater to these people too. 

Why should you choose SP homes to purchase your home?

We are proud to be one of the finest construction builders in Chennai. SP Homes is a ray of hope that has fulfilled the vision of many families that dreamt of owning a home. We aim to expand our customer base by allowing our clients to understand the significant returns they receive on their acquisitions. SP Homes has become synonymous with building quality residential projects and flats with all the amenities, making it the desired residence by most folks.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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